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"You may not have heard Sophis' music before, but once you do, it'll be tough to forget. As a vocal coach, I have encountered a plethora of talented singers. In Sophis, I've experienced a signature vocal sound & distinctive flavor that's especially captivating.

His sensual and seductive vocal persuasions stand out in a music gumbo that is a unique blend of Dance-funk, Haitian Soul & San Francisco Bay Area rock swagger. The rhythmic energy of Sophis' songs scream to anyone listening to "party up!"

Raz Kennedy

Master Vocal Coach and Singing Specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

" I saw Sophis perform for the first time in 2007 at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, Ca. I'll never forget that night. The venue was filled to capacity. His performance was electric and the audience's response was pure joy. At the end of his show, I walked up to him, introduced myself and told him that I'd like to produce him. We've been recording music ever since. Sophis' songwriting and performing abilities are inspiring, and his dedication to his craft is unsurpassed. It's just a matter of time before "Sophis" becomes a household name."

Gregg Marks

Documentary Film maker/Music Producer/Sound Engineer, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles

"Sophis, is synonymous with soul, sensuality, superbness, and star.  His music is as electrifying as his
 personality and charm. Sophis takes you on a musical journey with his effortless blend of electric -soul, dance and sultry Haitian rhythms.
Once you hear "Love or Deja Vu?" .. You will want to dance and let the music take you away!"
Instagram: @sakai18

Train - Band Member
Singer/ Songwriter



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